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Ottawa Moving Boxes has everything you need for your move. All prices below are in Canadian dollars.

Delivery $75 Flat Rate

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Box 2 CU

2 Cu.Ft. Carton - $2.05


This is a small size carton for heavy items like books, tools and canned goods.

Box 4 CU

4 Cu.Ft. Carton - $3.96


This is a medium carton and very versatile. It can be used for most kitchen items and anything that is not too bulky or too heavy.

Box 5 CU

5 Cu.Ft Carton - $4.44


This is a large carton that is perfect for bulky items like bedding and many kitchen items.

Box China

China Carton - $6.14


China carton are built extra strong to protect glass. Great for dining room and kitchen glass as well a fragile art.

box wardrobe

Wardrobe Carton with Hanger Bar - $15.00

For clothes or uniforms that you don't want to fold, these large cartons have a bar that allows you to hang clothes inside.


Large Mirror Carton (top and bottom)


These are two cartons that slide into each other and telescope. They can accommodate large mirrors or paintings.