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Moving Boxes Explained

The Right Box for the Job

A box is a box right?  If you are counting on your cartons to protect your prized possessions, the answer is no! Most places that want to sell you cartons use the cheapest, thinnest cardboard construction they can find.  They look good in the pictures but they crush and collapse when stacked.  This causes damage that can be easily avoided. 

Box CertificateCarton strength is measured a variety of ways but the most useful measure for movers is the edge crush test.  Look at the bottom of most cartons and you find a manufacturer stamp with the “Box Certificate” that will detail the numbers of pounds a box will take before it will crush as well as the maximum weight the box will hold. The higher the number, the more the carton will resist deformation and better protect your goods. The standard required by Ottawa Moving Boxes is the same required by the Federal Government for moving companies that move Federal Government employees.  Using this standard guarantees that the cartons you buy from Ottawa Moving Boxes are the right boxes for your move.